iM08 Change Event and Project Date 

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp

So, you have tons of old video-files on your harddrive, but when you import them into iM08, it creates an Event of 'Now!', not of the original time, the videos were recorded? Or, you want some specific videos with a different timestamp than the original?

4.5 options

You have four options (and one is for 'Coders' only...), to solve that problem:

Easiest way

thanks to AppleMan1958, he pointed me to this thread at AD, where forum member Jim Calderwood offered a dead-simple workaround...:

  • Quit iM08
  • Open in Finder the Folder 'Movie Events'
  • create a new Folder with a meaningful name, e.g. '1999'
  • now, open the other Event-folder containing your clips.. the nameing scheme is
    clip-2007-07-28 11;25;49.dv
  • ... yepp, easy: replace 2007 by 1999 (or whatever date is useful for your needs)
  • drag clips into newly created Folder

On next launch, iM08 will care for creating previews and integration into database...

Easy Way

Jon offered in this thread ( click ) a surprising simple solution for that: Set your Mac's prefs Time&Date to the wanted point in History - and copy your files.. the System will add the new 'timestamp'.

The Easy 15$ way:

Apple Discussions member A.Y. recommends at the forum the 'try before purchase' 15$ app A Better Finder Attributes (click for website) .. The Author mainly thinks about changing stills' MetaDate, but for sure, that works with video too ... a very handy tool, probably a solution for simliar probs in iPhoto Events? ...

be nice to authors: They've been nice to you - be nice to them!

Tough Way

Unfortunately, that does not work to me, and I'm no Finder/UNIX specialist to find out why...- when I set my System to 1999, and copy some .dv files out of older iM-Folders, the new files still create Events of their actual creation date.. :(

But, there's a free and very mighty tool for the Mac and Movie Enthusiast out there:
Metadata Hootenanny (click on icon for free download)

Now, the workflow isn't complicated, just a little unconvienient...

Step 1) Original

My Original file is from 2006 ...

open this in Metadata Hootenanny... click on Info (red arrow)

Step 2) Change

That app is very Mac-like: just click into the 'Creation Date' field, and change the data...

Step 3) Save

save changes... you could save back into the original file, but the author of Hootenanny says, that could cause trouble ... I've choosen 'self contained' and a new location:

Step 4) Import/Create Event

As you can see, importing that file now creates a '1999' Event...

... as said, probably Jon's much easier workaround may work for you, so forget 3rd party apps and 'fiddling' with metadatas... give both a try!

Just for hardcore Unix Command Line Users:

Got a mail from Jeppe Buk, obviously a Unix-Master, who let me know, it is possible to use The Terminal to change the Date of Events.. I have NO idea about this procedure, so, please: on your own risk/only if you know, what you're doing here! Following text is a copy/paste from Jeppe's mail... :

Thought I'd let you know a command line method of changing the
modification date of movie files: touch -m -t <date> <movie-file>

Example (sets the date to May 7th current year at 12:00): touch -m -t
05071200 myevent.dv

I tried it with an imported MP4 movie and it worked like a charm!
Date format from the manual page (type "man touch" at the command line):

The argument should be in the form ``[[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]''
where each pair of letters represents the following:

CC The first two digits of the year (the century).
YY The second two digits of the year. If ``YY'' is
specified, but ``CC'' is not, a value for ``YY''
between 69 and 99 results in a ``CC'' value of 19.
Otherwise, a ``CC'' value of 20 is used.
MM The month of the year, from 1 to 12.
DD the day of the month, from 1 to 31.
hh The hour of the day, from 0 to 23.
mm The minute of the hour, from 0 to 59.
SS The second of the minute, from 0 to 61.

If the ``CC'' and ``YY'' letter pairs are not specified, the val-
ues default to the current year. If the ``SS'' letter pair is
not specified, the value defaults to 0.

End of quote.. (NO, don't ask me, what that means.. I have no idea!! ;) )

If you like to discuss this coding, add improvements or have any questions, contact Jeppe:

NEW! Project Dates

This thread made me wonder: .. and what will happen, when I change the creation date of a Project?

That simple:  it changes the order, an Project is listed on your MobileMe Gallery!

Step 1:

Change Creation date, here demonstrated with the 'try before purchase' 15$ app A Better Finder Attributes (click for website) .. The Author mainly thinks about changing stills' MetaDate, but for sure, that works with video too ... a very handy tool!

 Load & install the tool, choose 'Add', choose your Project in your iMovie Projects Folder.

Step 2

Set Creation Date to wanted one. Upload again your Project from within iM08.

You'll find your Project at wanted position on MobileMe.

Have Fun With iMovie!