A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 

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For sure, iM08 is no multi-track compositing machine as FCE .. but, when the pics are well prepared, a simple disolve offers a charming effect:

Step 1 

Launch your pic processor (mine is Photoshop Elements)
Import your pics and arrange them, ... on my crowded desktop, it looks finally like this:

I do have 4 layers, a background and the three pics (1). In Photoshop, it is quite easy to arrange them, give them a 'twist' and even add some nice 'drop shadows' ...-

Step 2 

Another convenient feature is, I'm able to switch on/off the different layers (2); THAT is the trick: I save three  versions of the same pic: one showing just the first pic, another one showing two, last one showing all three.

Step 3 

 Now, fire up iM08, import (drag'n drop) your 3 pics in order (1) and add a charming slow disolve between each pic (2) .. which gives the impression of an 'appearing' still.. 


Demo here :

Have Fun With iMovie!