Some people get confused about the CONCEPT of the internet ... 

They want the Video on their website, not on Youtube. 

The funny thing is: a video can be on your site, because it is on Youtube!


YT Embedd Code

YouTube offers you some cryptic html-code, you copy/paste into your website - and presto! the video is on your site!

Or, here at, you choose upper left 'insert/video' and add the URL, each YT-video has. You can even set videos to 'private', so only on invitation someone is allowed to watch your video.

Same with iWeb/MobileMe - paste YT-videos URL - done.

ok, no need for YT on MobileMe, this offers a few GBs server-space to host your files.

Video is huuuuge files 
=> when 300 people watch your 10min/400MB clip, you have a traffic of 1.2 TeraBytes!! 

Hosting on MM or any other 'private' web-pace can get an expensive hobby!


Help people by 'repeating' and summarizing the important topics of your VidCast on a website.

You don't have to tell ALL details in some 3minute-toon. 

use moving-pictures to 'move' people, use the endlessness of the web to go into detail. 

YouTube allows to add clickable URLs in the video!

How to create a website.. ? well, this is not my cup of tea ... ;)