the recording

A tripod .. 
What you need first is a tripod - believe me.

A Camera - this fills books! A few words .. :
• record direct to your Mac? imho, no good idea, I prefer rec-media, less flaw-ky
• can you handle your cam? ever read the manual? manual exposure, aparture, shutter-speed?
• tripod-connector?

Microphone - HÄ??
it is NOT possible to record your voice with the cam's mic! Why?
a) cam too far away
b) cam-mic bad quality
c) cam catches too much noise
use a cam with some ext.mic-in and purchase a good Lavalier-mic.

barking dogs, a driving by train, neighbour singing in the shower makes your vid-cast look cheap!

light, LIGHT, L I G H T !!!
to create HIGH quality, you do NOT need an expensive cam - but light, and that could be expensive.
go to some professional photo-supplier-shop and explain your recording-situation:
how to lit a closet, a news-desk, a stage.
one word about 500W-DIY-lights: too hot, too much. but, for low-budget.. why not. But never direct, 'bounce' light!
READ A BOOK ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY! Read another one ... 

• use your script
• make a 2nd take always
• label your recording-media - otherwise you get lost
• write a shooting-/take-list 
• keep in mind: EVERYthing your record will be published world-wide and for-ever (the internet never forgets) - be nice to others, respect personal right!