respect copyrights

I'm no lawyer!

This is no professional legal advice!

Check YOUR local rights!

Use your own grey-matter v.05 .. :

respect intellectual property

you don't own music, just because you paid for it! a CD, an iTS-purchase allows only usage within narrow borders. a VidCast is a publication - are you allowed to publish other people's work?

you won't believe, what is 'owned' - music.. sure. photos.. although published on flickr et al - is under copyrights. buildings - you made your own photo, but some buildings own a ©! same with 'art' in any form, even when art is in the public! other people's face .. 

don't believe the myths, your 13y-old nephew's telling you! 
"2/4 bars sampling are allowed" - nope. 
"for personal use it's allowed!" - nope, just in some areas of this planet.
"it's published on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook - you can use it too!" - no! 
"DRM-measurement is not allowed! So, I'm allowed to rip it!" - wrong info.
"old music is allowed" - but the musicians, which record Beethoven last year own rights.
"freedom of speech!!" - no global right, but internet is global.
"my website is hosted in Albania - hahahaha!" - the laws where YOU live is in affect. 

if you have any doubt about usage of any material - ask for professional help! do NOT trust advice on the web - I can build a website, allowing YOU to publish every U2-recording, within a snap. 

rule-of-thumb: most Western Democracies differ between 'private' and 'commercial' websites. publishing a VidCast about the career of your 9y old daughter as a dancer usually allows more 'violations' of laws, than a Financial Adviser's vid-blog "How To Burn Your First Million With Me".

some advocats here in Germany declare a website 'commercial' just because of Google-Ads!!!

Ask for Professional Help!
Respect other people's work. 
Get good Kharma :D

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