movie-magic with stills

Sometimes, you have to highlight something in a still - with an arrow, with a circle, with some blurr, whatever.

here's a silly-simple trick: 
dissolve between to identical stills - and the magic begins!
here a few examples:

this is pic in vers. #1, than dissolve to pic in vers#2

or, 'animate' by adding the SAME pic with 1,2,3, arrows:


or, you 'blurr' the background to highlight .. 

The MAGIC happens by dissolving between the two versions.

or, you prepare the still even more in your paint-app, and 'highlight' by using iMovies Title:

(btw: I've stolen that 'idea', which is actually very fashionable here in TV: zoom-in into your still to make it a background, add some blurr, and lay the original 'over' it .. ). in iMovie 'quote' the important sentence;

Backdrop prepped in PIXELMATOR, Scrolling Title from iMovie09

on my main site another example ... CLICK/Accents ...