green screen

ok, ok, ... this one.. my one is probably TOO cheap: 

my mobile green-screen (and parts of my garden) .. 

For my StarWars-fan-project, I needed a mobile-green-screen - so, hurray to the DIY-supplier-shop and buying some plastic tubes, plumbers dept., and green blankets. stick and stitch it together, and Young Anakin (= my son) can fight the evil Droids.. wotever.


To produce this demo, I quickly throw the pieces together for recording the talking-head.

A few simple rules:

  • plain green
  • lots of light
  • avoid shadows
  • avoid structures
  • avoid blendings
  • but allow diff. shades of green - computer generated green is TOO plain for iMovie!
left: does NOT work, right: does work in iMovie …

  • avoid a green surrounding, which reflect greenish light to subject!! A Garden is below optimum!

oops, palms in my head!

Green-Screen is nice for faking backgrounds (above: me in the Caribbean) or, if you havae to change the BG instantly. 

I would recommend, to use REAL backgrounds  - handling is easier, it gives your subject a better 'studio atmosphere'. keep in mind, iMovie09 offers you PIP for adding additional video or stills asside your host.

Ask for professional help in some Photographers Supplier shop! We often read about usage of the 4.99$-500-Watts-building-site-flooder .. these lamps are mainly HOT. if you have to use them, 'bounce' the light. 

For iMovie, there's NO NEED to use professional 'color-key green', 97.50$ per pitcher ... my blankets costs 2.99 ...