DIY DVD copy protection

Often you read on some video boards the request for adding copy-protection to 'home brewn' DVD-r. Prob here: on commercial disks, these protections-mechanisms are added in the 'print'-process  - commercial DVDs are mechanically pressed with a socalled glas-master into the soft plastics of a disk. plus, the 'tracks' containing the copy-protections are in areas of the disks, a DVD-r doesn't have.

so, copy-protection not possible.

... uhm.. well .. kinda .. sorftof ..  ;)

How to copy a DVD?

... I don't tell you here, how to 'rip'! .. but basicly, the dvd-player reads-out the bit&bytes from disk and in a second step... STOOOHOOOP! .. what, if the dvd-player can not read those bits&bytes (technically spoken: pits)? 

.. "then you don't have a video on your screen!" you'll notice wisely .. 

so, step #1 we need a video we don't show!

Step 1) create a 'nix'-track

create any video-app you like, to create a 10min .mov with any content, e.g. plain black. I'm opening a black.jpg with quicktime-player, choosing export and choose dv as codec. 

add this .mov to your iDVD-project (keep in mind, this calculates to the 120min max. of iDVD!) AS LAST ENTRY! I don't know, what happens to elaborated Disk-structures with lots of sub- and sub-sub-menus.. try on your own, make your own tests ...- 

make it invisible - just 'text', no preview, re-name it to "   " (alt-space, a few times)

burn your DVD ... 

Step 2) Tool Time!!

I warned you - DIY solution .. - get a sharp knife, e.g. a carpet knife.

Have a look on your burned disk - do you notice the different 'tone' of blue? the inner, darker blue is your DVD content, menus, video ... , the brighter, outer blue is 'empty', un-used.

our last track, the 10min black, are the last millimeters of the inner blue area! 

grab your knife and - scratch 3 - 4 scratches!
see pic: 


'hurt' the plastics, but don't go too deep.. (under the plastics is some microns of 'metal' .. you shouldn't allow the air to reach this area...)

to dis-allow the usage of polish-machines, you can 'color' these scratches with a sharpie optionally.

Step 3) ....

no step #3.. 
enough work, if you plan to copy-protect hundreds of disks this way. 

How does it work?

a DVDplayer wil find the 'hidden' track, but shows only plain black.. so what? and after a few minutes, it will detect an error, ... done. depends on your player's intelligence, it jumps back to menu (good), or spits out the disk (not so good ;) ) 

a Ripper has to copy all tracks.. and bites its teeth out at that destroyed track.
ok, there are Ripper tools  which ignore such tracks .. but those are for hardcore-copy cats ... 

This is a DIY-solution.. far from perfect, not within 'standards', and time-consuming. 

• trust your customers .. 
• add watermarks to your menus/videos/stills on the disk
• additional values, you can not rip - a nice disk-packaging, photos, a card, a free diner .. 
• beyond 500 pieces, a glas-mastered, copy-protected, professional copy is 'cheaper' over-all than hours spent in the garage, scratching disks ..