convert dvd to iM09 using Streamclip

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 

NOTE: This workflow handles only non-copyprotected (DRM) DVDs.

Please check, you are allowed to use the content on the DVD!

Please respect intellectual property. Be nice to copyrights ;)

Step #1) Tools…

Download the free app Mpeg Streamclip >>click<<

Purchase (20 US$) the mp2-playback-component >>click<<

Step #2) Selection…

Launch Mpeg Streamclip, insert your DVD into your Mac (if the Player launches, quit it), 'Open DVD', select it … if your DVD contains 2/many single movies, you have to select now. Finally, the DVD opens:

Mpeg Streamclip has a very handy feature, note the arrows in the screengrab: by hitting I and O, you can make a selection, in- and out-point.

Step #3) Conversion

Choose from File Export with Quicktime, and set the following parameter:

Basicly, set everthing to 'pass thru' and 'unscaled' (=my screenshot is from a PAL-DVD, for US, the numbers differ, again: choose unscaled); only specific setting is: h264 as codec (= a good compromise in size and quality) and 'Deinterlace', because iMovie09 doesn't handle interlaced video anyhow.

That's it - import resulting .mov into an Event and edit further with iM09. Keep in mind: DVDs are highly compressed! The conversion process doesn't add any value … 

If you like to enhance the pic quality, I like to recommend the free tool JES Videocleaner >>click<<

this tool can do marvel to video, e.g. you let copy old Super8 to DVD… look:

click to enlarge

Look at the jacket: before, it looks grainy, with colored spots. After, it's a solid fabric, but it is NOT blurred!.. another fantastic tool from the maker of JES Deinterlacer, I like to recommend often for all kinds of purposes.

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