Convert DVDs into DVs using Mpeg Streamclip

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp

First of all:

DVD look good  - on playback. But, they contain video in a format, which isn't made for any processing - as editing. Simple example; for editing you need every frame of the 30/25 frames a video contains; but a DVD stores just every "here&then" a full frame, the rest is just stored as "the difference" between two (or many) frames.

Summary: DVD >> DV is a lossy process - due to the nature of DVDs. If possible, use ALLWAYS the raw footage, means import from miniDV.

And: this workflow/tools does NOT override any copy protection! or, vice versa, it does NOT work with copy protected DVD

OK, enough blabla:

Download and use for free 
Streamclip (<< click to go to website)

and purchase the mpeg2-playback licence at

Install both.

Launch Streamclip, choose "open File", Apple-O


Now, Streamclip could ask you, wether it should open "connected" .vobs; that means: longer videos are "spanned" over many single files, because a .vob usually contains only 1GB of data ...

Here, our DVD in shiny glory... if you want just a part of the DVD converted, set In and Out point: set playhead to position, Hit I for in, O for... ok, that's too simple.

pic from Pixar's "For The Birds", free to watch here:

Now, convert! In Streamclips File Menu, choose "Export as DV", you're confronted with that menu:


choose your approbiate Video Standard (NTSC/PAL) (1); and in case, you're using iMovie ≤4, you have to check that "segmented" checkbox (2), which will split your dv-stream into 2GB chunks (older versions of iM had that import limit)

... well, done: in iM, import/drag'n drop your dv-stream... 
happy editing...



You can do much more with Streamclip, visit AD-forum member 
Matti Haveri's website, less pictures, more information:

He's telling you, how to EDIT mpegs without converting them, and burn them to disk... but that is beyond my skills & needs ...-


iMovie Mastermind Dan Slagle also has a discription, how to convert DVDs, have a read on his mostly recommended website, 
"The Unofficial iMovie FAQ":



Have Fun With iMovie!