A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 


Now for more than seven years, this website is online. Meanwhile, I switched from iMovie-a to iMovie-b to FCPX/Motion5. To be honest: I haven't used iMovie (nor iDVD) for a 'real' project for more than two years …

So, I'll keep this site online (Thanks to sites.google), but aside some maintenance here&then, no news will come here.

Don't miss my other websites:

iDVD Modding which shows you how to customize your DVDs, creating your own 'themes', and having breath-taking menus .. 

The iMovie Output Project which tells in-detail the quality-probs which occur when using interlaced-material (PAL, NTSC, 1080i) with brand-new iMovie09, incl. a free work-around (which, frankly, isn't very Mac-like)

Have fun with iMovie!


Karsten Schlüter uses geethree's SLICK plug-ins for iMovieHD6


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