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What is Karrot Shire?

Karrot Shire is an open world game, currently in development, which is built on top of another game: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 serves as the basis of the game mechanics. The game may be considered as one giant Jazz2 level, with an added layer of RPG/Sandbox elements that make the game special. The "RPG layer" comes in the form of a utility that must be run concurrently with the level. This utility makes extensive use of memory editing to modify and monitor many aspects of the game world, which is managed by Jazz2. The gaming experience is unusual, because the player's attention will be split between the game world and the (external) utility, both of which provide essential elements that define the shape of the resulting game. The game world is tightly integrated with the utility through various levels of interaction with each other and visually with the player. It may even become unclear to the player what party is in control of what happens in-game - both the game world and the utility play their part.


Who is behind Karrot Shire?

The game is being developed by Airpressure (a.k.a. Wadledee, a.k.a. Carrotpie) and Falcury (a.k.a. Mercury). The project was started in 2006 and has since progressed gradually, if slowly. Throughout this time, the project has been a hobby project for both of them. Their efforts have in part been a culmination of previous elaborate Jazz2 projects, which shared similar sandbox ("hotel") characteristics (WadleTown, WadlCury Ville a.k.a. Ogi City and Carrot Islands). The development of Karrot Shire has since proved to be a very challenging as well as enjoyable experience. In the development process, Airpressure has concentrated on the planning and creating of the game world. Falcury, meanwhile, has been responsible for managing and programming the intrastructural elements and added features that define the Utility.

Why all the hassle of making an entire Knowledge Base?

To the makers, it seemed a good idea. After all, the project is rather extensive and there is a lot to be written about...


The most recent Karrot Shire.j2l file can allways be found down here.

Changelog Karrot Shire.j2l - V.1.01


-A 3-leveled TEST-minigame can be found in the Games Hall, Carvan City.

-You can now DUEL each other in The Dome, Duox City. It has not yet been integrated in the Utility, so you'll just have to countdown yourselves.

-The last 8 secrets have been added in the level. However, you can't unlock them untill the next Karrot Shire Utility update. Still, do look for them, so you have an easier time finding them after the Utility update. One might even reveal a yet-to-release area! =o


-Changed the collapse-tiles in difficult-to-see tiles, which leads to a secret! Some might have met the irritating, insta-collapse tiles :S Try again now ;-)

-Some more changes around secrets

-Eyecandy changes on some places, tilebugs removed etc.

© Airpressure a.k.a. Carrotpie and Falcury, 2009

J.B. Lancel,
Jul 29, 2009, 3:08 PM