Volume Pigeon Shooting

Bloemfontein is the "pigeon capital" of South Africa. You will be entertained with volume pigeon and dove shooting, testing the abilities of most respected guns. Millions of pigeons and doves commute, twice daily, between the city to the ripening sunflower fields of the surrounding farms. 
High volume pigeon s   

It is here where guns ambush from blinds, these humbling game birds on their flight paths. Pigeon shooting is often hot barrel action, and guns can fire in excess of a thousand rounds of ammunition in a day!

Pigeons may be shot throughout the year, but the best time is from late February to August. From February to April you can combine volume pigeon shooting with exciting flyfishing for indigenous yellowfish, barbel, mudfish and carp. Have alook at our Ultimate Cast &Blast package!
carp on fly!Sharp tooth barbelSmallmouth Yellowfish 

Days can be spiced up with some opportunistic pursuing of Guineafowl, Francolin and Orange River Partridge during the open season (May to July).