Shooting Seasons

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Shooting seasons vary between the different provinces of South Africa. Please bear in mind that South Africa has 9 provinces!
As a overall generalisation, you can follow these guidelines.
Greywing Partridge:    May  -  July;
Guineafowl:                   May  -  September
Egyptian Geese:          February  -   September
Spurwing Geese:         March  -  September
Sandgrouse:                15 April  - 15 July
Doves & Pigeons:       Year round, with a peak from March to June;
Ducks:                           May  -  August;
Ostrich:                          Year round;
Francolin:                     April  -  August.
Restricted gamebirds like the African Black Duck does not have an open season, but may be shot when issued with a special hunting permit from our Conservation Department.

Please confirm these dates when booking your safari as the dates mentioned covers more than one province with individual shooting seasons.