The Other Gamebirds

Swainsons Francolin 

Egyptian Goose
Spurwing Goose
Yellowbill Duck
Common Quail (Coturnix)
Rock Pigeon
Guineafowl is Africa’s most widespread gamebird and it is therefore the most hunted. Despite of their abundantness, these birds take some outsmarting. They are shot in the early mornings and late afternoons, making time during the rest of the day for shooting other game birds. These birds are bagged during typical walk-up or ruff shoots. A Guineafowl shoot can make an experience shot shiver with excitement and anticipation.
Waterfowl are abundant in the wetland and grain cultivating areas. The Freestate, Western Cape and Eastern Provinces of South Africa are especially noted for its large numbers of waterfowl. Thousands of ducks and geese conglomerate in and around the cultivated fields to sweep up spilled grain. Hunters will be occupied amongst others with Yellow-bill duck, Red-billed teal and Shellduck, not to forget the abundant Egyptian and gigantic Spurwinged geese. Late afternoon duck and geese flights provides exhilarating sport.
On larger shoots, waterfowl are baited with grain up to two weeks in advance to ensure your success rate. Blinds are used to disguise the shooters. Decoys and duck and goose calls are used to lure the birds up to the shooters.
Doves and Pigeons are shot over Ostrich and Cattle feedlots. The bag will be anything between 20 and 100 birds per gun per day. Guns are often put in bilnds and suiteable camo is advisable. Trap shooting loads are used to ensure allday comfortabe shooting.
High volume pigeon and dove shooting is offered in the Freestate Province, where a gun can be shooting in excess of 1000 rounds per day. This is normally combined with Waterfowl shooting on every alternative day

Specialist Bird Species available on request / special arrangement