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Partridge Shooting

Karoo Wingshooting specialises in hunting Greywing Partridge

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This is a walk up shoot over pointing dogs and has been described as champagne shooting with the Rolls Royce under the African game birds. English Pointers are used to locate point and retrieve the birds. Greywing are found in covies of between five and twenty birds. The shoot takes place in the pristine highlands of the Sneeuberg mountain range north of the historic town of Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The shoot can be described as challenging but it is extremely rewarding to the purist shooter. You can expect to walk in excess of 10 kilometers per day over uneven terrain, but you will experience classic shooting over pointing dogs, endless vistas and dramatic topographies.
A typical day will commence with a hearty breakfast at 7am after which we will depart for the day's shooting at 8am. Transportation to the shooting area will be by means of a 4WD vehicle. Shooting commence on arrival in the field until 12pm. A field lunch will be served and there will be enough time to rest weary legs. Guns will resume the shoot at around 2.30pm. The day's shoot will conclude at around 5pm with a photo session of the day's spoils and a good Pinotage to fight off the cold from inside. Dinner will be served at 7.30 pm and the day's excitement will be relived around a comfortable fireplace until bedtime.

Karoo Wingshooting has partridge concessions in excess of 25,000 hectares. These birds are shot at altitudes between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level in mountain grasslands. An above average level of fitness is an advantage. Greywing Partridge season is from the 1st May until the 31st July. 

As these are totally wild populations of partridge, no more than 30% of a population is harvested per annum. Guns can expect to flush between 40 and 100 birds per day and a bag of between 15 and 30 birds depending on the number of guns and shooting success. Smaller groups are preferred. Three guns being the ultimate size group. Accommodation varies from basic mountain cottages to 4 star guest houses in the town of Graaff-Reinet. Good food, comfortable accommodations and hot water on tap is expectable.

This is our winter time! Good, sturdy, well worn, waterproof ankle boots are essential. The mornings and late afternoons will be cold; therefore dress in layers. A beanie and gloves are recommended.

A typical Greywing shoot takes place over 2 days. International guests can combine a Greywing Partridge shoot with one or two of our other shooting and touristic options.