Birds of Karnataka

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There are many bird watchers from India who have taken time and efforts to educate people on birds through their websites. Quite a few of these are on bird photography and many of the images they carry are outstanding. Have a look...

India Nature Watch (INW) 

The Jungle Look

  Homepage of the very informative journal Indian birds. This is
  published by New Ornis Foundation led by well-known
  Ornithologist Aasheesh Pittie. Late Padmashree Zafar 
  Futehally was its editor until recently. 
  Wildlife pictures from different sites of India.
  Excellent images and information on birding locations around

  Amazing pictures of Indian wildlife and personal blogs on many
  Karnataka birding locations.

  Excellent resource for birds and birding in India.

  Birds and birding in North India.

  Everything about birds in Central India.



The following are some international websites providing a wealth of information on Karnataka's birds: