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Dr. Uday Veer Singh, PhD, IFS (Indian Forest Service)
Dr. UV Singh obtained his masters in zoology with specialization in Entomology and has done his PhD on Insect hormones. 23 of his papers have published in various international journals on various aspects of biodiversity. He has special interest in birds and as a senior forest officer is very keen on conservation of their habitat. He is currently Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (APCCF) with the Karnataka Forest Department. Dr. Singh can be reached at uvsingh AT

Ameen Ahmed
Ameen is a keen birdwatcher, writer and a nature photographer. He has over 100 publications to his credit including popular articles. His articles and stories have appeared on websites around the world including WWF-USA. Apart from cover pages of books, his pictures have been used by organizations like Birdlife International, Greenpeace Canada and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He is a communication professional. Among others he has worked full time for Greenpeace and WWF. Ameen can be reached at tumkurameen AT Read more about him.


The authors would like to thank all the individuals who have helped to make this site a success. Bird lovers from both forest department and non-government organizations have contributed immensely in the making of this site.

The authors in particular would like to thank: 

> Mr. Sridhar, Computer Programmer, Forest Department Head Quarters, Aranya Bhavan, Bangalore.

> Guru Prasad.T.V, Wildlife Aware Nature Club (WANC), Tumkur.

> All members of Wildlife Aware Nature Club (WANC), Tumkur.