Karl Skogstad, PhD

Department of Economics

RC 3016A

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Canada, P7B 5E1

Office: +1.(807).343.8378

Cell: +1.(807).356.0119

Email: kaskogst@lakeheadu.ca

About me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Lakehead University.

My research interests are the economics of national defence, natural resource economics, and economic history.


Here is my current CV.


Published/Forthcoming Papers

The Impact of Labour Policies on Canadian Gold Mines (2019 in Cliometrica)

The Effectiveness of Canada's Navy on Escort Duty (2017 in the European Review of Economic History)

An online appendix for this paper can be found here: Online Appendix

The Mining Industry in Northwestern Ontario - Northern Policy Institute. Research Paper No. 6. January 2016. (with Ayman Alahmar)

Defence Budgets in the Post-Cold War Era: A Spatial Econometrics Approach (2016 in Defence and Peace Economics)

Working Papers

Designing an Efficient Subsidy: Evidence from the Emergency Gold Mining Assistance Act

A Half-Century of Stagnation: Labour Productivity in Ontario's Gold Mining Industry

Committed to the Cause NATO Integration after the Cold War

Defence Spending Behaviour of Arms Producers and Arms Importers

Consultant Work

In-Service Support Best Practices of Selected Countries

Defence Industrial Policy Approaches and Instruments



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