Welcome to the Karl Malbrain home page.
I'm an electrical engineer, and work as Chief Programmer.

I've been programming since I was 14, starting on the IBM 7094
 and Honeywell 400 computers at UCLA and USC.

A distinguished database engineer and member of the National Academy of Engineering
 says that I'm the best programmer in the United States!

A member of the National Academy of Sciences gave me a special
Turing Machine Repair award!

I've published an informal paper on B-Tree latching for synchronous node deletion
I have several Google code pages where I've posted my C code from several projects:
Dynamic Huffman coding for Professor Vitter's invariant * for FGK
Compression package based on Burrows-Wheeler-Transform
Byte oriented Advanced Encryption Standard
High performance B-Tree indexing package
Bit-mapped Dynamic Memory Allocator
Small-footprint Secure Remote Password package
Judy Array implementation in 1250 Lines of C Code
A regular expression compiler and evaluator in 750 lines of C Code
An implementation of Dr. Nicolas Askitis' HAT-trie

 I've developed a JavaScript interpreter with built-in mongoDb operations