Finnish Radio Amateur Station


                                                              - On the air since 1983 -

My major interests are projects (transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, antennas etc.), HF, DXing and CW. I try to keep it fun and not take that too seriously. So far it has been such a great and rewarding hobby. Why to spoil it with heavy demands?

Station description

“Keep it simple, easy to repair and ready to run when ever needed” are my principles in station maintenance. The rig is an old Kenwood TS-820S transceiver which seems to work still quite properly. The power amplifier is running about 1 kW maximum on the HF bands.


The antennas for 14- 28 MHz bands are mounted on the top of 30 meters high tower. Low band antennas are inverted dipoles or full sized verticals with dozen of elevated radials.


I have home made transceivers for VHF and UHF bands too, but those rigs are seldom used.       


CW mode is my absolute favourite. SSB, FM, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV are possible too, but those modes are not usually operated.  My main focus is on low band DXing. WARC bands are not operated currently.

Best 73 de Kari
               5BDXCC 5BWAZ 5BWAS DXCC-160 WAZ-160 WAS-160