Potential Research Assistant 
(PSYCH 491) Info


Dr. Cross's lab is always looking for motivated and responsible students to serve as research assistants.  Our lab conducts research on the self,
close relationships, forgiveness, and culture.  

Research assistant duties may include: 

  • running participants
  • entering data
  • coding data
  • checking data
  • calling/scheduling participants 
  • assistance in the development of experiments/experimental materials  

We generally prefer a 2-semester commitment, as well as students who would register for 2 or more credits.  We also hold a bi-weekly lab meeting to discuss various issues, including upcoming studies, experimental issues (i.e., debriefing, informed consent, experimental design), and graduate school.  

All students who satisfactorily complete their assigned duties (which is usually everyone!) will receive a letter of recommendation from Dr. Cross. 

If interested, please contact Alice Zhang, mzhang@iastate.edu, for more information.