Curriculum Vita (updated 6.29.10)


My name is Kari Terzino, and I recently completed my doctoral degree in social psychology at Iowa State University.  I am a Project Manager and Research Analyst for Leo J. Shapiro & Associates in Chicago, IL.  I currently work on the pharmaceutical team headed by Dr. Margaret Mueller.  We conduct many global quantitative and qualitative projects.

On this page, you will find information related to my research and research interests.  

My main research interests lie within the areas of the self, forgiveness, and culture, but I have assisted with research in many different areas of social psychology.  To learn more about my  research interests and the projects I am currently involved with, please click HERE.

I was very fortunate to be a recipient of a National Science Foundation fellowship to conduct my thesis research in Japan.  I worked with Dr. Ken-ichi Ohbuchi and his graduate student Naomi Takada at Tohoku University.  Both Dr. Ohbuchi and Naomi are interested in forgiveness research.  With their assistance, I was able to collect data for my Master's thesis  examining cultural differences in forgiveness.  

I received the Exceptional Thesis Research Excellence Award in 2008.  In addition, my thesis was the University runner-up for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award in 2008and I was the recipient of the Peer Research Award from the ISU Graduate and Professional Student Senate in 2008.

I was recently awarded the Campbell/Borgen International Travel Fellowship.  I was a Visiting Research Scholar at Radboud University in the Netherlands where I worked with Dr. Johan Karremans.  


I attended Purdue University for my undergraduate degree, where I worked with several esteemed professors: Dr. Duane Wegener (attitudes and stereotyping); Dr. Ximena Arriaga (violence in intimate relationships); Dr. James Nairne (human memory and cognition); and Dr. Amanda Diekman (social role theory; sex differences).  Dr. Diekman also directed my Honors Thesis.

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Dr. Frank Fincham, who is now at Florida State University, from 2004-05.  Dr. Fincham is an extremely productive forgiveness researcher, and he also conducts research on marriage.

At Iowa State University, I worked with Dr. Susan Cross, who is interested in the role of the self in cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social processes, with a particular interest in cultural variation in these processes. To learn more about the projects going on in the lab, please go here. 

I also worked with Dr. Nathaniel Wade, who is interested in forgiveness, particularly developing forgiveness interventions.  To learn more about Dr. Wade's group counseling clinic, Network, go here.

In addition, I worked with Dr. Zlatan Krizan, who is interested in how personality shapes how one perceives one's future, worth, and place in social context.  To learn more about other projects in Dr. Krizan's lab, visit the SSPEL webpage.