Welcome to my family history site

Everyone has a different reason for researching their family tree. Some want to check the authenticity of family stories, others want a sense of where they come from. Some people look for famous relations and others are more interested in knowing where character traits come from. I have always been interested in how my ancestors’ lives were woven into the social fabric of the time that they lived. As an avid reader and watcher of period drama stories, I’ve always wanted to know which of the characters are most like the parts played by my ancestors during their lives.
Whilst I’ve not uncovered a Mr Darcy, a Mr Knightley or an Edward Ferrars, the rest of the characters, the “extras”, are there. My ancestors were gardeners, chemists, shoe makers, factory owners, cotton mill workers, char women, tailors, agricultural workers, Lieutenant Colonels, and matrons – to name just a few. Some will have been among the poorest members of their communities, whilst others are likely to have had some standing in their villages and towns.
The available records tell important stories about my ancestors’ lives. Some were born, lived and died in the same village or simply moved to the nearest town, but some moved significant distances away from their families and places of birth, perhaps seeking new opportunities or re-framing their lives in the emerging industrial landscape. Powerful stories emerge from the records which tell us a lot about the way society worked and impacted on their lives. This website records and preserves stories about the ordinary people that are my ancestors.
This website was primarily developed to share my research with my family members, however I also hope it is of use to other people researching their family history. If you find a link with my ancestral line, I hope that you will contact me and say hello.