Karin's Bio

Meet Karin McCullough, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (Piano), certified by the National Music Teachers Association

Karin McCullough, NCTM, took the less-traveled road to a career in music. A serious pianist while growing up in Illinois, she reluctantly suppressed her aspirations to become a paralegal. One day she was asked to accompany opera singers at a Fremont Bistro—a weekly, Friday-night engagement that would last for five years. By then her growing popularity as an accompanist, solo performer, and piano teacher allowed her to trade her life as a paralegal for that of a full time musician. Karin is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano.

Karin maintains a flourishing piano studio in her North Ballard home and performs frequently in the Seattle area. She  is a performing member of theLadies' Musical Club of Seattle (LMC), an active volunteer and member of Seattle Music Teachers Association (SMTA), Principal Organizer for Bach in the Subways Seattle - the local chapter of Bach in the Subways, of which she is a member of the Board of Directors, and Program Director for Haller Lake Music Series, and has served on the Boards of Directors of Seattle Music Teachers Association (SMTA) and Musical Experiences, a nonprofit classical music education organization. Karin is also the regular church pianist for Third Church of Christ, Scientist.

Some years ago, when Karin traded her home for one in the South of France, she met the daughter of Alfred Tokayer, one of les voix étouffées (stifled voices), Jewish composers killed during the Holocaust. Along with various vocalists of Ladies Musical Club (mezzo soprano Catherine Treadgold, sopranos Katie Hochman and Malya Muth), baritone Robert Tangney, and Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra violinist Adrianna Hulscher, Karin has performed the United States premiere of nearly all of Tokayer's songs as well as his violin/piano duet. 

Karin has also collaborated with:

Muriel Bailey, violinist, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Adriana Hulscher, violinist, Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
Doug Nierman, trombonist, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Deeji Killian, soprano, Seattle Opera
Philip Manning, violinist, Victoria Symphony Orchestra
Mary McLaughlin, soprano, Seattle Opera chorus
Robert Tangney, baritone, Seattle Opera chorus
Stuart Lutzenheiser, tenor, Bellevue Opera
Gino Lucchetti, tenor, Kitsap and Tacoma Operas
Madeline Abel-Kerns, soprano, Rogue Opera (Oregon)
Brian Kerns, tenor, Oakland Lyric Opera

In 2003 and again in 2006 Karin had the opportunity to
share her love of classical music by co-leading (along with Fred Kronacher and Catherine Treadgold) a music history tour of Vienna, Austria, and its surroundings. The tour was sponsored by Musical Experiences, a nonprofit classical music education organization for which she was president and director. Highlights of the tour included attending operas at the Staatsoper and operettas at the Volksoper, visiting the homes and gravesites of famous composers such as Schubert, Beethoven, and Mozart, and eating pastries and sipping coffee in the same Kaffeestuben where these famous composers used to read their morning journals.

Karin studied for many years with Fred Kronacher (currently at The New Mexico School of Music) http://nmschoolofmusic.com/fred-kronacher/4701386 and prior to that with Hurshelene Griffin (University of Illinois, University High School, Urbana, IL). 

She has also studied privately with: 

Tamara Friedman (Musique du Jour, formerly Gallery Concerts) http://www.musiquedujourpresents.org/about
Anna Cal  (Victoria Conservatory of Music) http://vcm.bc.ca/faculty-members/anna-cal/
May Ling Kwok (Victoria Conservatory of Music) http://vcm.bc.ca/faculty-members/may-ling-kwok/
Ed Lebarron (Victoria Conservatory of Music) http://vcm.bc.ca/faculty-members/ed-lebarron/

She has performed in Master Classes:
October 20, 2018: given by Paul Roberts (http://www.paulrobertspiano.com)
July 3-7, 2018: given by Kelly Charlton (Victoria Conservatory of Music) http://vcm.bc.ca/faculty-members/kelly-charlton/
Multiple occasions: given by John Bloomfield (The Golandsky Institute) https://www.golandskyinstitute.org/teachers/john-bloomfield