At the Natural Hazards Research & Consulting Center (NHRC), we calculate the amount of possible damage and risk from natural disasters to buildings, infrastructures, and communities, and provide building owners and community managers with risk mitigation solutions and techniques.

NHRC provides consulting services on multi hazards community level risk assessment using the state of the art risk assessment tools; OpenQuake, provided by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM), and IN-CORE, provided by the National Institute of Standards & Technology's (NIST) Center of Excellence for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning.

NHRC also develops community level natural disasters resilience strategic plan for city managers and community decision makers, according to the NIST Resilience Guideline.

Our Services:

1) Earthquake Risk Assessment and Retrofit Cost-Benefit Analysis

We apply seismic risk assessment tool, OpenQuake, provided by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation. GEM is a collaborative international effort to reduce earthquake risk and to empower risk resilience and risk mitigation worldwide.

2) Community Resilience Assessment for Earthquakes, Tornado, Tsunami, and Wildfire

NHRC applies the Interdependent Networked Community Resilience Modeling Environment (IN-CORE), which has the the capability of computing the proposed resiliency measures at the user-desired community level.

3) Community Resilience Planning for Natural Hazards

NHRC also utilizes the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide, for providing state of the art strategies to city managers for achieving higher level of resiliency in their communities against natural hazards.