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We moved into our first home, a 1970's townhouse just outside of Washington, DC, in August 2007. It's a great little starter home for us while Tom gets through law school and in a few years we'll be moving on. 

Added Flower pots Spring 2008

Lighting Before

Lighting After 6/08

This is my favorite thing in our house. It's from C&B and I had been dreaming about forever and one day I came home and it was hanging there, a suprise from DH.


Complete with forest green laminate coutertops, soon to be changed.

We recently did a mini-update to the powder room. We ripped down the wall paper, painted and put in a new light and mirror.

Looking for a shelf over the toliet, it looks so plain.

This room is where Tom does all his studying for law school and also serves as our main guest room. Tom was "allowed" to decorate this room himself, since it is "his" room ;).

All of those things hanging on the mall mean he's smart ;)

This room is my craft room and has a twin bed that my Dad made for me over 12 years ago.

Pictures over the bed were taken when I was in Paris last summer.

Coming Soon

Spring 2008: We re did our entire backyard area and added patio furniture.