Typing the Spanish letters on an English language keyboard

If you have your Windows® operating system set up for English language support, you can still enter the Spanish accented letters and special language characters on your keyboard by means of the numeric key pad adjacent to the main keyboard. All you have to do is  hold down the "ALT" key while entering   any of the following sequences on the numeric keypad:

UPPER case lower case
Character ALT sequence Character ALT sequence
Á 0193 á 0225
É 0201 é 0233
Í 0205 í 0237
Ñ 0209 ñ 0241
Ó 0211 ó 0243
Ú 0218 ú 0250
Ü 0220 ü 0252
¡ 0161 ¡ 0161
¿ 0191 ¿ 0191



  1. You MUST use the NUMERIC keypad (usually on the right side of the keyboard). The numbers on the top line of the keyboard will NOT work.
  2. Before starting, you must activate the numeric keypad by pressing the "Num Lock" key on the numeric keypad
  3. You MUST enter the leading zero in all the codes.