The Family Business of Hare Game Breeding by Euaggelos Karfis runs just outside the city of Agrinio, situated in "Livadakia" in the LAD of Diamanteika, mainly aiming at producing meat, reproducing game for hunting and putting it on the market so that there can be enrichment in specific types of prey hares at various forestries, hunting associations, environmental organizations and for other activities.

Breeding of Hares

As a prey animal the hare is a mammal of the Rodentia order(rodents) and it belongs to the family of Leporids having the common name "lagos" (scientific name Lepus). Its weight ranges from 3 to 6 kilos and it is generally golden-brown in colour, which changes according to age.
The hare bears 3-4 times a year starting in March and ending in August(it bears 2-4 litters).It is generally a timid animal and it avoids noise and daylight. It thoroughly hides from its many enemies during the day and always grazes during the night.It also needs special care and treatment so that it can breed and reproduce correctly.
It is generally constantly under pursuit. Its main enemies are foxes, martens, eagles falconiformes, snakes, and above all humans ( through illegal poaching). Its big pros are the acute hearing and running, which reaches a speed of 70 kilometers.
It lives for about 6-8 years all over the world and because of the intensive and often illegal means of hunting, many enemies and brazen and uncontrolled use of fertilizers and pesticides on crops in many parts of the country, hares tend to disappear. According to official figures, the population of hares has decreased, in our country, about 75%. That is why the Forest Services of the country, hunting clubs and various environmental organizations are trying to enrich the native flora with hares in different areas hares inhabit and can survive as a prey kind, by procuring the animals from Intensive Method Breeding Grounds , in the same way the Body does.

DNA Certification

This is a Unique Game - Hares Breeding Ground of intensive form whic his in accordance with the applicable legislation and consistent with the rules of this (in the Region of Western Greece).
It constitutes the Only Private Breeding Ground of Prey Hare which has Mitochondrial DNA whose type coincides with the genetic material of the vast majority of hares in Greece (native species), according to the Certification of Thessaly University...

DNA Certification [PDF]