Karen's Lesbian Pill

'I’d go lesbian like a shot if all it took was a bloody pill'
                                                        [Karen Betts, 5:3]

Now that's an idea... Gay Karen :-)... And that's what the fiction on this site is based on.  At least to start with, anyway!

I jumped onto the Bad Girls fiction wagon kind of late, having been a little too young for the whole Bad Girls thing when it first aired in the UK.  Or more to the point, lacking my own TV on which I could watch it in private, free from parental scrutiny!  But having seemingly exhausted the realm of fiction out there, I decided to get writing and create some of my own.  Karen Betts is a particular interest of mine - although sadly not gay onscreen, I think she has huge potential, so I've taken her character in a few different directions!  Claire King (who played Karen) complained in her autobiography that Karen Betts didn't seem to develop much as a character in the later series - although I doubt my take on things is what she had in mind!

'So, you want to lure me away from men...'
[Karen Betts, 2:1]

Recently Added:

So Damn Beautiful *new*
Category: Video
Summary: Nikki's thoughts on how damn beautiful Helen Stewart is
Added: 03/06/2009

My Life Would Suck Without You *new*
Category: Video
Summary: Companion piece to Gone (see below) - Karen's not keen on the idea of not having Helen in her life.
Added: 24/05/2009

Pairing: Karen / Helen
Rating: PG
Timing: Beginning of S4, post Helen's departure from Larkhall
Description: Karen’s feelings around Helen’s departure from Larkhall
Added: 24/04/09


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