Evaluating Repairing Harm

Evaluating Repairing Harm is a participatory action research project focused on developing a system for monitoring and evaluating Repairing Harm, a 32-week restorative justice curriculum currently implemented in three correctional institutions in central MA. Following a successful pilot evaluation, the current phase of Evaluating Repairing Harm emphasizes the development of a collaborative approach to ongoing evaluation, with a specific focus on one of the three institutions. A working group including Repairing Harm graduates, correctional institution administrators, the Repairing Harm director, and PI of the project Karen Ross will jointly design and administer the first iteration of this evaluation. The current phase of this project is funded by a UMASS Boston Public Service Grant.


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Other media:

  • Ross, K. (2019, September). “Promising Program Helps Rehabilitate Inmates.” Commonwealth Magazine.