Projects, Publications and Writing

I used to write two educational blogs - one for English Language Learners and one for English Language Teachers and I also ran a website selling conversation materials to English language teachers.  Furthermore, in 2007, I worked on the English script of an animation film, City Animals adapting the German text into English and also created a 12 unit audio book with Didactica.  

In 2009, I was a co-author of GreenLine: Working with Film (secondary school film analysis textbook) for Klett Verlag and in 2011 I worked on English for IT, Level 2 for Pearson.  

I have also published stories, blog posts and articles for many ELT magazines, Oxford University Press, Harpers & Queen and HK New Age. In my spare time I write philosophical poetry (historical epics) and have completed several screenplays.


08/14 - 02/15
University of Koblenz

Creating Business English materials for the University's VLE.
  • Creating vocabulary and grammar exercises to support Business English videos

01/13 - 03/13
University of Manchester

  • Planning a presentation
  • Choosing the right software for your needs
  • Building visually appealing presentations
  • Using video, voice, audio and animation
  • Applying best practices
  • Sharing your work with the world.

01/11 - 01/12
Academic Consultant for Voxy, a mobile-learning ELT start-up.

  • Pedagogical and Andragogical Best-Practices
  • Assessment Best-Practices
  • Level evaluation Best-Practices
  • Level determination Best-Practices
  • General advice on
    • Products
      • Geo-Location Mobile Learning
      • News articles, web-based and mobile
      • Life-Skills
      • Gonceptualising several game designs for the mobile app
    • Social Media (internal and external)
    • Infographic development for the Voxy blog
 - from 5k users to 700+k users January 2011 - January 2012
 - Raised our Facebook "Likes" 144% April 2011- August 2011

Online Magazines and Blogs

2013  Guest Article for Oxford University Press, The fun in GLEE + List of GLEEs 
2010  Guest Article for Vicki Hollet's Learning to Speak 'merican: Underselling Brits
2010 Thoughts on Edublogging (a series of guest articles on various blogs)
2009  Series Guest Articles for Alex Case's TEFLtastic: The TEFL industry
2009  Guest Article for Alex Case's TELFtastic: Start using technology or go ahead and retire
2009  Guest Article for Lindsay Clandfield's Six Things: Six ways to get your students conversing
2008  Guest article for ELT weekly
2008  ELT Link-up: How to set up a business in Germany

My own Blogs


How to Learn English

2008 - 2012

2010 -2011
  • Business English in 5 minutes

2008 - 2009
  • How to learn English (1)


2014     National Geographic Learning | Cengage Learning
  • Educational Consultant, 21st Century Reading 

2011     Pearson
  • Co authored English for IT book for adult learners

2010    Klett Verlag
  • Co authored "Working with Film, Green-Line Series" for teenagers

2009    Didactica, Esslingen
  • Wrote Book 1, Audio-book

Print Magazines

  • The dogma of dogme (Autumn)
  • Websites for Business English videos (Spring 2010 issue)
  • Blog watch (regular column)


  • Twitter 4 ss 2 or is it just for Tchrs (Summer 2010)
  • Learner autonomy through video (Spring 2010)

ELTA Switzerland:
  • Using Twitter: guide for language teachers


  • Smartphones + diary planning

New Age Magazine
  • Spirituality and Materialism (later picked up by the South China Morning Post).
  • The Great Western Road.

Harpers and Queen
    • Non-alchoholic wines for summer


  • Bäuerle&Schindler 
    • Editing/rewriting English version of City Animals, a short animation film

2004-5 (Screenplays)
  • Life on Purpose
  • The Story’s End
  • Wrote a full length 120minute screenplay and a short (both as yet unsold). Working on the next.

Writers Group

2006 - 2011
Writers in Stuttgart

I was the the founder of a writing group which met monthly at the Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum – our members were a mix of Germans, British/Americans, Russian and Arabic nationalities. We edit each other’s work and I present writing based workshops. We held our first Public Reading (60 guests) in January 2008 and will have a second in July 2008.

Cotopaxi Writing Group Quito, Ecuador
Member , short story writer and proof-reader.