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Cricket and I have had a quiet start to 2015. Her eye sight slowed us for a bit but we are looking forward to another amazing year. We will have lots coming up for you! Read about our adventures at the Union Tribune  Ramona Sentinel . "Manes and Trails" will be featured in the publication and on line at the Sentinel site. Of course we'll post updates here as well!

Ramona Valley Wine Region Magazine is another publication that features our adventures and opinions. Ramona Valley Wine Region magazine
is both a consumer magazine and a trade publication.

Specials Not on the Menu isa smorgasbord of stories on the half-shell … with a high-top view. Julie Pendray and I have worked together for years and I am excited to be back together with her on her exclusive look into the world!

National Equestrian Trails Coalition has added us to their publications! This national organization is passionate about preserving our public lands and our American history as forged by the horse for generations to come. Concessionaires, private horse camps, and trail rides across the country need our assistance as volunteers to help maintain the connecting trails, forging new trails, and advocating for our National heritage.

Check out our documents, photos and videos! Trail maps, information, and pictures will be added and updated as often as we can. Please feel free to use any documents that may help you and of course customize to suit your needs and style!

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