My name is Karen Weber, and within my portfolio you will learn about my
 academic career, research interests, and professional experiences. 
I am currently enrolled in the University of Houston's Ed.D. Program in Learning, Design & Technology, 
and this site includes information on my courses and degree plan.
Photo of Karen Weber at Podium

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to provide UH students with an example of how to begin building their own academic profiles. I have also included a section on Using Google Sites to assist students as they develop their web presence. I am enthusiastic by the potential of this online medium to enable prospective employers and graduate school selection committees to learn more about students' accomplishments and preparation for su


ccess upon graduation. 

Why an ePortfolio?
I have been working with students in applying for nationally competitive scholarships for 12 years. I enjoy this process immensely because through developing their essays, students grow to have a deeper understanding of why they have chosen a particular career path and learn what truly matters to them. Building an ePortfolio provides more students with these tools, and opportunities for reflection and professional success.