Welcome to my Leading Edge Certification portfolio.

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This portfolio contains assignment projects, artifacts, and reflections from each of the modules in the Leading Edge Certification course for the Online and Blended Teacher. 

About Leading Edge Certification - Online & Blended Teacher

"Launched in 2011, Online & Blended Teacher Certification guides educators through a curriculum based on the iNACOL National Standards for Online Teaching. Upon successful completion, the certification will give schools, districts and other prospective employers assurance that Leading Edge Certified Online & Blended Teachers not only have the skills to effectively facilitate online and blended courses, but also have a solid understanding of how to enhance the learning opportunities for all students enrolled in their courses." http://leadingedgecertification.org/page/online-teacher

Learning Objectives for Leading Edge Certification for the Online and Blended Teacher:

  • Compare and contrast the pedagogy of face to face, blended, and online instruction. 
  • Select and model a variety of online tools for communication, productivity, collaboration, analysis, presentation, research, and online content delivery.
  • Plan and design strategies to encourage active learning, interaction, participation, and collaboration in an online environment.
  • Demonstrate online leadership in a manner that promotes student success through regular feedback, prompt response, and clear expectations.
  • Model legal, ethical, safe, and healthy behavior related to technology use.
  • Create multiple paths to address diverse learning styles, abilities, and needs for accommodation.
  • Design authentic projects, assignments, and assessments that measure student achievement of standards-based learning goals.
  • Formulate solutions using a variety of student data to modify instructions.
  • Collaborate with colleagues through the use of web-based technologies. 
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of technologies to enhance student learning.