Welcome to the home page of Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo.

Scam warning: In recent weeks, my identity as a member of Norges Bank’s Executive Board  has been fraudulently used in an extensive scam campaign. The scammers have created a number of bogus LinkedIn profiles and spread misleading information via social media and e-mail. This campaign follows a well-known pattern called an advance-fee scam, where the victims are invited to pay a small sum of money to obtain a larger amount to which it is claimed they are entitled. Norges Bank has reported this matter to the police. Please note that neither Norges Bank nor the members of its Executive Board provide financial services to private persons and will never contact individuals directly to makes offers of services, business opportunities or commercial contracts. If you receive such a message purporting to be from me and/or Norges Bank, we kindly ask you to delete it immediately.

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