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You can see my fundraising progress so far, and donate safely here.

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The MS Society


Yorkshire Building Society This is where I work, at their Croydon branch.  I have the grand title of "LC&SE Area Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Representative".  Their Charitable Foundation helps many causes and, for the marathon, they've provided a walker to support me.

Pepperton uk Restaurant, Art Gallery and Healing Centre What can I say? Wonderful food, great surroundings, fantastic hosts. Oh, and Celestine accompanied me not only in training, but supported me the whole of the marathon too, and they'll be having a buffet to celebrate.

Hardika, Thai Yoga Massage is a great support to me as well as the wonderful treatments that she gives. I was introduced to Hardika by my Dad - who always helps me with my charity if he can, in addition to his own work: Keith Stanley who works for http://www.croydonhearing.org.uk

Parchmore Community Centre who hosted a fantastic fundraising event on 3rd April 2007.  See the entry in my marathon blog for details.

Solutions Health & Fitness, where I complete a program that Georgina, gym instructor, maintains and amends for me. Solutions have now agreed that their nominated charity is the Croydon branch of the MS Society.

Yvonne Doherty, ITEC masseuse.  She's given friendship, support and donated a holistic massage as a prize for the draw on 30th April.

Inner Shift Personal Development Group Chris Colgan runs the group for two hours on a Wednesday evening at Hardika's premises. I feel this support helps give me the focus of mental energy (not that that mental energy was a problem, just the focus!) Chris has also become a friend and mentor to help during the rest of the week and offers the kind of help that many could benefit from.

Ade.... full name Aderonke Olusanya, Textile Designer. Attends my some of my classes at Solutions Gym and was my initial motivation. She came to class with her medal after completing the 2006 Flora London Marathon. She has also applied to do the 1/2 Marathon on 18th March and offered to train with me... she is out of my league but is such great morale support.

Carol, a Yorkshire Building Society customer, saw my article in the advertiser and left a note asking if I wanted to join Croydon Running Sisters Club who have some runners in the marathon but like Ade I'm sure they'll leave me a mile behind or 26! I will contact her though and thank her for the invite and see where they run.

Thank you Anna. My friend of many many many... years for setting up this website so that I can share my adventures!

They're supporting my fundraising, so please support them!

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In the press:

"Karen won’t let MS stop her finishing marathon", Croydon Guardian, 4th April 2007

"MS sufferer Karen is running the London Marathon", Croydon Advertiser, 29th Dec 2006

"Pull yourself together", Chat magazine, 8th May 2003

"On Your Marx, Get Set", News Shopper, 30th Apr 2003

"Mum Karen forgets her illness to help buy ambulance", Croydon Post, 18th Aug 1999