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My fundraising goes back quite a way so forgive me if there's gaps in this list.  I even met my husband Gary at a charity event 20 years ago!

My first recorded "giving"... or was I being robbed?!

Aside from my usual duties at work, at the Croydon branch of the Yorkshire Building Society, I also have the role of Charitable Representative.  This allows me to spend time & resources on organising events and in assisting local good causes in making applications to the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, who typically add to funds raised from the public in order to provide equipment for good causes.

My qualification.

Below are some of the events I've been involved in:

The Flora London Marathon, Sunday 22nd April 2007

Yes I do have multiple sclerosis, and no I hadn't run much before, but then I am mad (or so I'm told - I like to think of it as enthusiastic) ... so I was determined to get round this one way or another.

My marathon story.

(doing a practice 10km)

In aid of the MS Society.

The Pepperton uk Pre-Marathon Healthy BuffetApril 2007

An opportunity to not only meet Karen & Celestine and wish them the best for the imminent Flora London Marathon, but also to wine, dine and feast to your fill.

In aid of In aid of the MS Society and the LCCA.

CLIC smile campaign, December 2006

Hardika, a thai masseuse, volunteered to give head and shoulder massages to kickstart our fundraising to help children and young people with cancer.

In aid of CLIC Sargent.

Fun Run, August 2006

This was on Rebecca's birthday (sorry Rebecca), and was my first attempt at any kind of distance running.  I managed 5K which was pretty good because I was suffering from a leg injury from sitting on a motorbike for an extended length of time!  It was a really hot day and us MS people aren't good with heat, but this was when I realised I had the determination if not - quite yet - the fitness to do the London Marathon.

In aid of the MS Society.

Sky Dive, July 2006

I overcame my fear of heights to do a tandem sky dive.  Besides sponsorship, Tanith & I also raised funds with a quiz night at The Windmill Pub, and Tanith arranged a pub crawl.

In aid of the MS Trust.

"Christmas in the Community", August - December 2005 

Alongside a national YBS competition, I organised prizes for local school children's Christmas card designs.  The winning designs went on to raise money in the 2005 Christmas Appeal.

In aid of the The Children's Trust & The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Abseil down Lunar House, Croydon, October 2004 

Tabitha joined me on on this. It was more physical than I expected and about half way down my arms gave way. With hindsight it was actually harder than the tandem sky dive as that didn't require any physical effort. We were raising funds for the Garwood Foundation, an independent school for children aged 2-12 years with severe learning/physical disabilities.

In aid of the Garwood Foundation.

Family Fight Flab to be Fantastically Fit & Firm, October 2004

Lose weight, get healthy hearts & raise money!

In aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Choices, 2003

YBS customers were given a choice as to which charity they wanted to support, and donations were topped up by the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation.

In aid of Richard House Children's Hospice, Priory Guild Special School, and London Wildcare.

Guinness World Record attempt at the most people impersonating Groucho Marx at once, May 2003

I arranged the use of Broadmead School field and worked with the BRIT School who put on a great show. The Croydon Steel Orchestra played and there was a huge bouncy castle. A local ice cream seller came and gave a substantial donation for future fundraising, and another friend brought their burger van. Unfortunately we didn't break the record but we were joined by the Mayor of Croydon and a local MP in addition to the press. However, the record that did stand was smashed the following Monday... I would only have held it for a few days, how gutted would I have been?!

It was a good day and the children had a fantastic time, and so did the adults!

For children with serious illnesses or disabilities.

And more to be added later!

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In the press:

"Karen won’t let MS stop her finishing marathon", Croydon Guardian, 4th April 2007

"MS sufferer Karen is running the London Marathon", Croydon Advertiser, 29th Dec 2006

"Pull yourself together", Chat magazine, 8th May 2003

"On Your Marx, Get Set", News Shopper, 30th Apr 2003

"Mum Karen forgets her illness to help buy ambulance", Croydon Post, 18th Aug 1999