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About appearing in class videos

This section is to answer general queries about the videos we film in class - if you have any other questions or issues, especially relating to privacy, please do contact me with them.

When do you film videos?
I set aside specific sessions every few months (when a class session ends), which take place in the usual Tuesday night slot instead of classes.  I publicise these beforehand so that students know we're having a film session instead of a class - they'll be announced on the Events and News section of this website, as well as by email and text where possible.

Who can be in the video?
If you're one of my current students (i.e. have been to some classes before) and you're reasonably familiar with the choreography, you're welcome to join us!  I would ask brand-new students not to attend filming sessions - come to a few classes first!

Can I join in if I'm under 18?
Yes indeed, but you'll need a parent or guardian to give their consent - get in touch with me and I'll send you a permission slip.  (Parents or guardians are also welcome to come along with you to the recording sessions.)

I'm concerned about privacy - who will be able to see the videos?
These are designed for my students - they're mostly for practice purposes, to go with the notes.  They're posted on my YouTube account, but are not publicised through YouTube - they won't show up on searches, and you can only find them if you know the link.  So, most people will only find them via the links on this website, or by word of mouth. 
Essentially, it's very unlikely that most people will see the video, but you should still consider them to be publicly available.

What if I don't want to be in the video?
That's no problem - just skip the recording sessions!  If you've voluntarily come along to a recording session, though, I consider you to have given your consent to be in the video, so please take this into consideration before you come along.

What do I wear?
Unless we've planned a specific costume for the session (which I'll keep you posted about), you can wear whatever bellydance kit you have - it's a great excuse to break out the finery!  Give me a shout if you need any advice.

How much do recording sessions cost?
Nothing - they're on me, as you're doing me a favour by donating your time and expertise!