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"There is no greater agony

than bearing an untold story

inside you."

~Maya Angelou


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with offices in downtown Phoenix and the Ahwatukee Foothills.  I view mental health as a function of balance in our lives, our families, and indeed our world. Mental stress arises when there is a significant imbalance in any area of our lives. There could be a conflict between the head and heart, or a struggle to balance the necessities of work, rest, and play. Perhaps there is an imbalance in an important relationship. Restoring balance takes attention, patience, and sometimes expert help.

My specialty lies in helping people look within, to see past the blame and the shame, and reconnect with their healthier ways of being in the world.  I am especially experienced in working with those who struggle with the following difficulties:

      • Anxiety and Depression
      • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • Chronic Illness
      • Betrayal/Divorce
      • Grief and Loss
      • Major Life Transitions

Who needs counseling?

The decision to see a counselor isn't an easy one. Sometimes those closest to us are the ones to say we need to give counseling a try. This can be difficult to hear, but even harder to ignore.

Sometimes life just wears us down!  And in response we stop being able to turn to our positive coping practices.  Instead we do and say things that end up making it even worse.

Counseling helps identify and resolve the problems that keep us separated from the best parts of ourselves and each other. It truly can make a difference in every aspect of our lives.

Aren't there pills for this?

Many people turn first to their physicians to relieve  symptoms of anxiety and depression... and certainly there are many potential physical causes that a medical doctor should rule out!  However, the symptom is often just the tip of the emotional iceberg.  Counseling helps get to the root of the problem.  The fastest results often come from a combination of medication and psychotherapy.

Another option is to try counseling first, to see if the symptoms may be relieved without chemical intervention. The decision to medicate is a complex one. There are side effects, risk factors, and degrees of efficacy to consider. Your counselor can collaborate with you and your physician so that the right medication may be found sooner. Or you might find that counseling is enough.  It often is!