(česky / Czech * Deutsch / German) *** A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME and my family with more pictures.

Name, surname, contacts:

Karel Machala (see photo), South Moravian Region, Czechia (official name: Czech Republic)

My main contact e-mail address: karel.machala @ centrum.cz (please copy and remove the spaces around @ when writing an e-mail to me - protection against spambots).

Other e-mails are listed in the contact section of this website)

Website (started in 2013): www.karelmachala.cz

Mobile phone number and full address as well as other requested data about me upon request.


Knowledge of languages: Czech - native speaker, English, German, Slovak, Russian - excellent knowledge, university and state exams. Intermediate or better level: Polish, Dutch, Italian, French, 15+ textbook lessons level: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Hungarian, Latin, Greek, Lithuanian, Lakota, reading level of understanding of all Slavic languages etc.


1. Finance, banking, business

Banking, macroeconomic predictions, stocks/bonds/gold/silver/FX market, investment funds. Business-related documents. Economic research. Interest rates, currencies.

2. Nutrition, medical and pharmaceutical documents, studies, ICF, articles, books.

3. Genealogy, search for ancestors, history

4. General translations


ENGLISH or GERMAN into CZECH or SLOVAK, or vice versa

The most frequent language pairs in the following order: ENGLISH - CZECH or SLOVAK (70+%), GERMAN - CZECH/SLOVAK, CZECH/SLOVAK - ENGLISH, CZECH/SLOVAK - GERMAN, very occasionally DUTCH - CZECH, RUSSIAN - CZECH


I translate and/or edit most often in Trados 2017 and web-based online tools (MT, rarely Wordbee, MemoQ).

Where CAT tools are not needed or beneficial, I translate directly by overwriting.


20+ years of experience as a translator. MILLIONS of translated words, millions of edited and proofread words.

Originally for the Czech News Agency and financial media where I worked as a financial journalist and translator. Translating and writing for Svět hospodářství (Business World), later for Bankovnictví (Banking Prague). Interpreting on expert trips of (especially) Banking Economic Society Prague to banks and stock exchanges around Europe, especially in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna and interpreting business trips around Czechia with businessmen from abroad. Once accompanying a Dutch TV station team for a football match in Prague.

Work for direct customers (like Bankovnictví /Banking Prague/, Fortis Bank, BNP Paribas) as well as for about ten translation agencies in Europe, United States and elsewhere.

Medical studies - translating, editing and proofreading as one of my main specializations in the past five years.

Some names of well known end customers:

(sometimes direct customers, but mostly via translation agencies)

Oberbank, Jungheinrich, Fidelity Funds, Hendrix Genetics, Nike, Applus+, SUDOP, E.ON, ING Group, SAP, Fortis Bank, BNP Paribas, Quintiles, IQVIA, Royal Bank of Scotland, Mazda, Franklin Templeton, Henny Penny, Intel, Fujitsu, Heroal, Airwaves, Microsoft, Imparta, Vemma Europe, Mitsubishi Chemical, Worlds Apart, IronFX Global Limited, Emirates (Airlines), Allianz Global Investors, Aberdeen Asset Management, Air Berlin, Towers Watson, ANAG Olomouc - Book Publishing House, Food Technology Department of Mendel University Brno, Czech News Agency, Bankovnictví (Banking monthly Prague), Svět hospodářství (Business World Prague weekly), Bayerische Vereinsbank, Amundi Funds, Volksbank Czech Republic, Dako, Transics, BerryAlloc, Medtronic, Neptunus, Lidl, Barcal GmbH, PPG Industries, Rexel, ...


School of Economics (VŠE Bratislava)

Economics of Services and Tourism Faculty

Line of study oriented on economics, services/tourism and languages

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, 1985-1989; Master's degree (more precisely - local academic title: Ing. equivalent to MBA)

Secondary Economic School (SEŠ Pionýrská in Brno)

Foreign Trade line of study (oriented on foreign trade, economics + languages), 1981-85;

Long-term self education:

nutrition, medicine, genealogy, history, many additional languages


languages, finance, macroeconomics, nutrition, medicine, alternative medicine, genealogy, nature, geography, travelling, comparative and historic linguistics, philosophy, history, Asian culture, internet, twins and many more.


CZECH NEWS AGENCY 1989-1990. Employee. Writing financial and business related articles, translating.

SVET HOSPODARSTVI (BUSINESS WORLD PRAGUE) 1991-2000 - freelance based work, deputy editor-in-chief for finance

FREELANCE-based regular cooperation with BANKOVNICTVI (Banking Prague) 2001-2013 - writing and translating

FREELANCE BASED TRANSLATIONS for many customers and international agencies from Europe, United States and Asia. 1991 - 2019 and beyond. Dominant source of income.

Writing and translating BOOKS (my published books 2008-2016 are shown here, all in Czech).

Resume -- Curriculum vitae -- Translator version