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Welcome! I am a book author and linguist who loves to research and write about ancient language connections (in English). My first three books (2008-2016) are in Czech, published by the Olomouc-based publishing house ANAG. They are only in Czech language: Cultured Vegetables for Health and Vitality (I intend to translate it into English), Geniuses on the Doorstep of New Medicine and a genealogy-related book called Who We Are and Where We Come From. Unsuspected Connections of the Search for Ancestors. I have a German language book on Amazon, too. But back to English and to my 123+ Words from the Proto-World series (also on Amazon, five e-books, you may want to check whether one of them is free for a short period of time if you would like to delve into the topic of the oldest words that are similar in sound and meaning all across the globe).
(so far released: STONEHILL TOP MOUNTAIN, TALK CALL LANGUAGECUT AXE SAW, FIRE BURN KINDLE IGNITE). More to come! Introduction and/or method is freely available here on this web - in English).