A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME & my family (česky zde/here in Czech)

Who I am: A vertebrate - mammal - man-ape and - at the same time - án sáwol fram ærdaga (Old English/Ænglisc: a soul from ancient times). Also a scribe - writer of books - that is, homo scriptor. Linguist alias homo linguisticus. Genealogist who likes to delve into old records as well as into genes to find out more about history of (not just my) ancestors.

Father of twins & husband (see the 2 collages) who enjoys communication with his nearest beings.

What do I do for a living: Predominantly as a translator (profile here) and book author. Previously a journalist: author of thousands of articles (e.g. nutrition/health, economics/finance, genealogy).

My official education background: I am an economist and (not just) due to this I am an apologist of liberty and free societies. I enjoy exploring common roots of seemingly very dissimilar languages. I am interested in news and events happening in the world, history, archaeology, health and nutrition, travelling, nature, science and philosophy. And much more. I like to read and write, but - of course - time is not inflatable.

I was born in southern Moravia, attended a secondary school in Brno and studied School of Economics in Slovakia (VŠE Bratislava, Faculty of Economics of Services and Tourism in Banská Bystrica). I lived and worked about 10 years (1990-2000) in Prague (working in the Czech News Agency, then Business World/Svět hospodářství weekly, later regularly cooperating with Bankovnictví monthly, wrote for many other media. Then - up to now - freelance translator and author). I currently (10+ years) live with my wife Blanka and sons Petr and David (*2006) in Brno.

The collage was created by my sons Petr and David in July 2016.

BLANKA MACHALOVÁ. Collage created in PictureCollageMaker by Karel Machala in July 2016