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Karb-King, LLC
a division of Tristate Rebuilders, INC.
10 Machinists Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Please, visitors by appointment only—we won’t let you in if you don’t call ahead.

Kontact us for shipping information


Either give us your old, worn out, improperly jetted mixer, or choose from our basement of cores, and we'll rebuild it to your particular specs based on engine size/torque/horsepower, vehicle type and weight, gear ratio, trans type, and tune it for the type of driving you do. We'll even flow and test it for you, and guarantee it'll not only work first time out with no hassles, but will provide increased performance you can feel.

We can improve the mileage of your daily driver, do a concours-quality restoration for your classic, improve the performance of your racer, or all of the above. 

We also offer Holley, AED, Pro Form, and Quick Fuel custom bodies, blocks, and throttle plates if you want to go all out.

Free pick up and delivery within 100 miles of Downtown Pittsburgh and a two-day turnaround on most carbs.

Live in the sticks?  You can ship your carb to us! 

Please call or email us before shipping--the King doesn't like surprises! 

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