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The provincial sport organization for karate in NL recognized by Karate Canada (a.k.a.National Karate Association of Canada).

Updated 08 October 2015

Atlantic Karate Championships 2015 - PEI

Karate NL is sending a team of 21 athletes to compete in the Canadian Atlantic Karate Championships 2015 in Charlottetown, PEI on Sun 11 October.

Good luck to our athletes!

 Abby  Thorne, Amelia  Hann, Andrew  Au, Brooke  Peyton, Christopher  Au, Christopher  Coady, Colby  Besso, Dylan  March, Ella  Rideout, Jack  Hann, James  Thorne, Jason  Ward, John  Shea, Lucas  Menard, Matthew  Whelan, Nathaniel  Besso, Emily Reglar, Ryan  Johnston, Samantha  Au, Sara  Peyton, Tyson  Besso.

Coaches: Derek J Ryan, Nathaniel Besso
Officials: Wing Au

KNL Tournaments 2015-2016

Location:  NL Prov Training Centre (Powerplex), Crosbie Rd, St. John's, NL
Registration is due on the Wed prior to the Sat of the Tournament.
Registration form (individual) may be downloaded below. 
Competitors may complete this form and give to their club leader who will submit the club's group registration to Karate NL.
*Individual registration form also contains information regarding starting times and requirements for competition.

  • Nov. 28, 2015 (Sat) 
  • Feb. 27, 2015 (Sat)
  • Apr.  16, 2015 (Sat)
  • Jun.  04, 2015 (Sat) ... provincial championships

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Karate NL Team 2015 - Canadian National Karate Championships 
L-R: Tyson Besso, Jason Ward, Nathaniel Besso, Samantha Au, Chris Coady,Lucas Menard, Coach Ryan
Karate NL Team 2015

Karate NL Referees & Judges also participating: Wing Au, Tyler Engram, Randy Carew, Steve Thorne

  • Karate Canada Nationals 2014 - BC.  Karate NL wins Gold & Bronze in Kumite.  
    • Jr Men (-61kg) Nathaniel Besso wins Bronze.  
    • Cadet (-63kg) Chris Coady wins Gold.
  • Las Vegas, USA - *Junior International Cup and US Open 2014: Karate NL sends 13 athletes and returns several medals including 
    • James Thorne (Tsuruoka NL) won a silver medal in 13 Boys Intermediate Kumite.
    • Samantha Au (Tsuruoka NL) won bronze in 14-15 Advanced Kumite (+50kg)
    • Steve Thorne (Tsuruoka NL) won bronze in the 35-44 Male Int/Adv Kumite
    • Tyson Besso (Avalon Karate) won bronze in the 12-13 Advanced Kumite
  • Karate NL Championships 2014 (May 03).
  • NL Premier's Athletic Awards 2014 - recipient: Christopher Coady
    Congratulations to Christopher Coady of AVK-CSF.  
    Christopher will be presented with his award during the 2014 Premier's Athletic Awards presentation on May 28 at Holiday Inn. 
    Well done, Christopher! 
  • Pan-American Jr/Cadet Championships 2014 Lima, Peru -- Athlete from Karate NL:  Christopher Coady to compete in Cadet -63kg Kumite with Karate Canada National Team.

Past Events 2012-2013
  • Nathaniel Besso -- PanAm Championships 2013
    Nathaniel beats Chile, ties Equador; challenges Mexico for "Bronze" but is injured and unable to finish last seconds and looses a close match where he lead until last 30 seconds when score reversed for a final 4:3 to Mexico. Final Result: 7th out of 18 competitors. Nathaniel represented all with great courage, strength and pride. We are very proud of him! Well done Nathaniel!  Nathaniel already has his sights set on the next challenge -- Commonwealth Championships 2013 (Oct in Montreal) where as many as 24 countries may be competiting. GOOD LUCK NATHANIEL !! 
  • He is on his way to Columbia this Sat 24 August.  His fight is on Thur 30 Aug.  Check youtube or internet, the South Americans often televise these championships on live feed.

  • "Quebec Open"  26 May 2013 Montreal
 Nathaniel Besso wins Gold (1st) in Kumite & Silver (2nd) in Kata!

Nathaniel is second person on the left. The "Gold Medalist" with the biggest smile.  
He fought hard through three rounds defeating all comers including those from Quebec, Ontario and USA.  Some matches were close and others were very decisive like the 11-3 victory in the second round.

Nathaniel is the first person on left.  The "Silver Medalist". This event proved to be challenging because of the strategic choices required in anticipating your opponents kata choices.  The first round Nathaniel chose "Anan" and his instincts were good, he beat his Ontario opponent.  The second round he chose his strongest kata "Suparinpei"; again he won and moved to the third and final round.  In the gold medal match his performed a precise and strong "Seienchin"; the judges voted and Nathaniel was awarded 2nd Place Silver.

Christopher Coady was Nathaniel's teammate in this competition. This was Christopher's first tournament outside the Atlantic region.  He gave a strong performance in both Kata and Kumite but was unable to move beyond the first round.  This experience will help prepare him for his future competitive challenges.  He is a strong and determined competitor who is sure to have future successes just around the corner.  He represented his club and province very well.

  • Congratulations to both Nathaniel Besso & Christopher Coady for their performances as the first from Newfoundland to compete in the "Quebec Open".

In addition to the tournament there were 3 training sessions with Goju Master and WKF Referee Mr. Yaro Tarano.  Yaro is also a highly respected and successful karate coach.  L-R: Nathaniel Besso, Yaro Tarana, Christopher Coady, Derek J Ryan (coach).

Nathaniel Besso selected to Canadian Jr National Team 2013
competing in the Pan-American Karate Jr/Cadet Championships hosted in Medellin, Columbia.
Formal confirmation was issued today (09 May 2013) by Karate Canada Executive Director Mr Olivier Pineau.  
Congratulations & Good Luck, Nathaniel !

  • Canadian National Karate Championships 2013

KNL Provincial Team 
  • Head Coach: Wing Au. 

  • Athletes
  • Joshua Coady, 
  • Kevin Gosse, 
  • Nathaniel Besso.

  • Officials
  • Derek J Ryan, 
  • Kim Fitzpatrick, 
  • Tyler Engram

L-R: (top) W.Au, K.Gosse, N.Besso, J.Coady
(bottom) T.Engram, D.Ryan, K.Fitzpatrick

  • Atlantic Canada Karate Championships Feb 2013 - KNL Provincial Team  --- Results

Head Coach:  Wing Au. Randy Carew (assistant in training) 
Athletes: Joshua Coady, Kevin Gosse, Nathaniel Besso, Christopher Coady, Lucas Menard, Devon Fitzpatrick, Tyler Burton, Tyson Besso, Ben Wall, Nathan Mullins, Camron Mullins, Andrew Au, Samantha Au, Christopher Au, Brooke Peyton, Tomas Hiscock, Shawn Smith, James Thorne.
Offiicals:  Derek J Ryan, Kim Fitzpatrick, Tyler Engram, Tina Fitzpatrick.
  • Special Karate Training Clinic Jan 18 (Fri) - 20 (Sun), 2013: Karate NL Guest Instructor Ms Kate Campbell [click here for bio]
  • Karate Fun Day - 01 Dec 2012 - MQP dojo, 137 Torbay Rd, St. John's, NL: Great success.  Over  55 members and their friends participated.
General Information for training year 2012-2013

Karate NL Tournaments 2012-2013:  Open to members and friends of Karate NL
  • Sat 10 November 2012 -- Powerplex, Crosbie Road, St. John's, NL 
  • Sat 26 January 2013    -- Powerplex, 
  • Sat 02 March 2013       -- Powerplex.
Karate NL Provincial Championships 2013:  Members only -  Sat 04 May 2013.

Atlantic Karate Championships 2013 - Fredericton, New Brunswick - Feb 16 Sat - 17 Sun.
*Saturday - full day clinic & training for athletes, coaches & officials
*Sunday - full day Championship events.

Karate NL Provincial Team Practices 2012-2013 
are already underway.  If you or your members are interested in participating, 
please contact provincial head coach via email: karatenl@gmail.com 
  • Nov. 04, 2012 Sun 2pm - 6pm St. George's Elem, 234 Conception Bay Highway, CBS 
  • Nov. 17, 2012 Sat 2pm - 6pm St. George's Elem, 234 Conception Bay Highway, CBS .
Karate Canada National Championships 2013 - Toronto, Ontario - Mar.14 Thu - 17 Sun 
*Wed - 13 March - Athletes & Coaches usually arrive & weigh-in etc.
*Thur - 14 to *Sat 16  March -3 days of competition.
*Sun - 17 March - Training clinic (usually & may run into Mon 18 March).

Training Program:  Tournament Officials & Volunteers
  • Sun 23 Sept 2012: MQP 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Sun 02 Dec  2013: MQP 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Sun 24 Feb  2013: MQP 9:00am-12:00pm

Executive Officers & Directors 2011-2013      (updated 20 Sept 2012)                   
President  Derek J. Ryan
                             1st V-P      
Wing Au
                             2nd V-P    
Paul Lawlor
Tyler Engram
Christa Coady 
Paul Burton 
Randy Carew

Past KNL Provincial Teams

Karate NL Prov Team 2013 Nationals
L-R: Wing Au (coach), Joshua Coady, Nathaniel Besso, Kevin Gosse

Karate NL Prov Team 2012 Nationals