Welcome to Karametria!
KaraMetria is the concatenation of Kara ("head", "brain" in ancient Greek), and Metria ("measure").

The objectives of this ANR-funded project are threefold:
  1. To develop an extensible image registration framework able to map anatomical descriptors (such as sulcal lines or white matter fibers) of the brain shape from one subject to another

  2. To provide all necessary statistical tools to compare a subject with a group or compare groups of subjects based on the aforementioned registration framework

  3. To identify biomarkers of certain brain pathologies and psychiatric disorders. In particular, we target the study of a population of depressive teenagers
This project is led in collaboration with the LNAO at CEA, the Asclépios Project at INRIA, the MAP5 laboratory from the University Paris Descartes, and the INSERM U797 unit.

Karametria is supported by the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) "programme blanc" number ANR-09-BLAN-0332-01. Detailed information can be found in the project proposal ("document B") written in English and submitted to the ANR in October 2008.