The Karameikos Campaign

This site will collect information about my ongoing Classic D&D campaign set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and neighbouring lands.

Overview of the campaign

This section provides an overview of the campaign, presenting the adventures that the characters have faced organized by campaign arc.

The Treasure of Thob Shanwood (level 1-2)
This was the first campaign arc, starting with the escape from Fort Doom after a failed Eye of Traldar adventure, and leading the PCs to Sind and back following the treasure map of a Hin pirate, with the following adventures:
  • The Great Escape (+Eye of Traldar)
  • Five Deep Shadows (i.e., Veiled Society reflavored for Shireton)
  • Night Terrors
  • Nine Flawed Sapphires + Invitation to a funeral (from Al Qadim's A Dozen and One Adventures)
  • The Tomb of Thob Shanwood
The key result of this arc was the loss of the Fire Opal Eye and the discovery of the Black Opal Eye.
In short, the PCs tried to recover the Fire Opal Eye (Eye of Traldar), but were captured by the Iron Ring. They managed to escape from the dungeons of Fort Doom (The Great Escape) and acquired a treasure map from a dying Hin. The Hin's brother had been sold as a slave, so the PCs traced his family in Shireton (Veiled Society) and then the Hin in Jaibul (Nine Flawed Sapphires, and Invitation to a Funeral), after a forced stop in another Sindhi port (Night Terrors). With the map (and the Hin in tow) they located and plundered the Tomb of Thob Shanwood.

Secrets of Radlebb Wood (level 2-3)
This was a shorter arc. The binding elements were a strong presence of the Wee Folk, and the setting in the Vandevicsny-Ourosco area:
  • Cry Wolf!
  • Fairy Murders
  • The Lost Seneschal (from Tall Tales of the Wee Folk)
The key result of this arc was the introduction of the Sidhe and their influence on the campaign, as well as other forces, such as Bargle and the Werewolves.
Briefly, the arc takes place in Vandevicsny, with the characters dealing with some events for the local lord: a werewolf hunt (Cry Wolf!), murders committed by a fairy they had unwittingly brought back from the Tomb of Thob Shanwood (Fairy Murders), and finally with the kidnapping of the dishonest seneschal of Ourosco (The Lost Seneschal).

Blues of Mirror Bay City (levels 3-4)
This arc had a clearly
hard-boiled detective story bent, with PCs busy catching criminals of various types in a urban setting. Several Specularum gangs (including the Veiled Society, a wererat gang, and several Foreign Quarter gangs) were introduced:
  • St. Kruskiev's Gold
  • Coloured was the Bay, Bloody were the Streets (Specularum series)
  • Omens and Portents (Specularum series)
  • Guild Wars
This arc sets up a link between the PCs and the monks at St. Kruskiev's monastery. Moreover, it gave the Ierendian thief PC, John Eddington, an opportunity to interact with his compatriots, Tegell and Zila, and led Oberon (one of the Callarii Elf PCs) into a Quest to slay the Beast of Radlebb Wood.

The Beast of Radlebb Woods (levels 4-6)
In this arc, the PCs try to find and kill the Beast of Radlebb Woods, to help Oberon, who has been Quested with this near-impossible feat as a result of his actions in the previous arc.
  • Stuffed Heads and Lethal Weddings (Specularum Series)
  • Hail the Heroes
  • In the Dread of Night
  • The Beast of Radlebb Woods.

The Dymrak Dread (levels 5-6)
In this arc, the PCs foil the campaign of conquest of the Dread Horde, a tribe of goblin werewolves and cultists of Orcus. The Dread Horde manages to combine forces with the "Queen", Ilyana Penhaligon, and with the Vlack-kag hobgoblins, and recruit the support of the Witches of Dymrak, Count Koriszegy, and the green dragons of the eastern Dymrak forest.
  • Vanguard
  • The Queen's Harvest (this is as far as I went with the campaign log...)
  • Legion of the Dead
  • The Battle of Kelvin
  • Showdown at Xitaqa

The Sea of Dread (levels 5-6)
In this arc, the PCs visit Ierendi and discover something is quite rotten there... They also explore the Isle of Dread, only to be overcome by its terrible secret...
  • Death in Ierendi (Freeport Trilogy)
  • The Isle of Dread
  • Terror in Ierendi (Freeport Trilogy)
  • War Rafts of Kron
  • Madness in Ierendi (Freeport Trilogy)