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Star Travelers

           Have you ever done something horrible? Something you wish you could take back? Well, Evelyn Davonport has and while she can’t fix what happened, she’s determined to find away to set things right. 

Overwhelmed with grief from the death of her parents, Evie accidentally unleashes a powerful wave through the space-time continuum triggering both the start of WWII and the creation of a parallel world. Her long-lost grandfather whisks her away to Turkey to escape the war. There she meets Azad, a boy with strange powers like hers. Together they are sent to the Hashashin Order to train.

Halfway around the world Namid, an Ojibwe teenage girl from Minnesota, and Manji, a young man from the Paratintin tribe in the Amazon, are drawn together to begin their training with Namid’s Shaman. Namid and Manji sense they are connected to Evie and Azad. The four are Star Travelers — they can see across time and space. 

Through their special connection, Namid and Manji set Evie and Azad on the path to discover what they are. United the four can end the war and return the Multiverse to its equilibrium but first they must decide if the Hashashin Order’s offer of help is genuine or perhaps their motives are more sinister?


Follow the Star Travlers in Book Two as they explore their special abilities and learn to restore balance to the Multiverse, that is if the Hashashin Order doesn’t stop them first.

Kara is currently seeking representation for this series, please contact her if you are interested.