KAP Rigs

A KAP rig is a frame or cradle holding a camera and other (remote controlled) components.

These rigs vary from very simple one that just hold the camera, to fully equipped rigs where the camera can be aimed and triggered using a remote control. With video of the camera's view being sent down via a video transmitter.

To acquire a rig, there are 3 options:
  • Design and build one yourself. This way you have full control over materials, design, options, size and electronics that you wish to use. There are many examples to be found on the web and this location would be a good start to get some inspiration.
  • Get a rig in kit-form. You can buy special kits containing all the basic parts you need to build a rig that suits your camera. This is a very good starting point for beginners in KAP. This basic kit can easily be expanded to suit every need you might have for it. American residents can get one at Brooxes, the rest of the world can get one via KAP shop
  • Lack the time or skills to take any of the above routes? There's also the option of getting a completely build rig, to the specs you like. The above shops are a good starting point for this. 
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