KAP Kites


Probably one of the most asked questions by beginners in KAP is "What kite is most suitable for KAP?" Unfortunately there is no simple answer to that question. Since most of us have to stick to a budget and can't just buy a bunch of kites to cover the complete wind range, I'll do my best to help you find the kite that works best in the winds typical for the area you live in.

First a little about kites. In general there are two types of kites; the ones with a frame (spars) and those without a frame. Spar-less or 'soft' kites have an advantage in portability and robustness but tend to fly at lower angles than framed kites. Framed kites are simpler to manufacture, are more fragile but cost less than soft ones.

To fly a kite for KAP is to place great confidence in its lift and stability, this needs to be gained carefully by understanding the limits of the kite in a variety of wind speeds. All kites have their limits and risking the loss of a rig and camera should not be taken lightly by lifting a camera by a kite flown in an unknown state.  

The need for stability means that almost all KAP is done from single line kites. Dual or quad line kite photography requires a highly refined skill set which is rarely successfully applied.

Many KAPers build their own kites to get the size, design and performance they need. Professionally built kites can get expensive and the satisfaction of commanding a place in sky with a self made kite can't be beat!

KAP is something kite flyers do as photographers and not the other way around, the more confident we are in our kite and our ability to fly it the more pleasurable the experience will be!

"Certainly, when choosing a kite, the first feature is the size according to the wind force and the load of the rig.
Then the second feature is driven by the kind of wind which is blowing depending on the geography of the place, which means, even, gusty, with whirls, subject to thermics, etc... So the kite will be the one giving the best response to these conditions. I fly different kites depending on all these. The kite fleet for KAP is slowly increasing."
  Christian Becot